Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Safe as (Sea)Houses

So after a brief but notable gap in updates I join you from Seahouses while myself and fellow wardens are trained up in various bits and bobs. Gotta say real sound group of people, which is good as we’ll be living pretty intimately over the next 6 – 9 months on this glorious place:

The Farne Islands! As seen on my first, gloriously sunny afternoon in Seahouses.

The train journey was predictably uber shit but the warm reception from my aunts, uncles and cousin more than compensated innit! Gotta give those guys and massive shout out/big up for their hospitality and general epic tendencies.

Anyway enough of my shit (not literally). Onto birds, places and pics BOOM! Seahouses is mega (as the Geordies say) as you see from these:

Tons of Eider and 7 Goldeneye were present in Seahouses harbour on day 1 (Sunday) while Guillemot and Razorbill passed offshore in the bright conditions.

A brief family outing for chips n ting resulted in some pretty pornographic Eider action as you can see from these pics:

Right in the bill!

Today brought change with a worthy reminder that it’s not all sunshine up here with almost Baltic conditions slapping my face like a semi-amphibius dolphin travelling upwards of 30mph. Despite this a hardcore of seasonal wardens ran down to the harbour for some sea…or fog watching as it turned out:

Wind, fog, rain and low temperature weren’t enough to deter the 100+ Eider from chillin, illing and spilling in and around the harbour while 12 Common Scoter in it’s mouth were fucking cool to see that close. The highlight of Red-throated Diver was single observer unfortunately as I luckily scoped one heading south close inshore.

Other birds seen include the 7 Goldeneye, a Blackwit, 3 Rock Pipt, 32 Dark-bellied Brent northish plus tons of various gull related shapes raving on the rocks while auky things (Razorbills) zooming past offshore.

We sail to the Farnes on Friday so fingers crossed the weather wont bum us over. Have to say I canny wait!

Dub-birder out.

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