Saturday, 19 March 2011


Having amassed several hundred photos in the last 24 hours I thought I share/force them on you all! Beautiful weather has meant many opportunities presented themselves including some flowering bits and the first large Auk arrival of the year.

View from the Pele Tower looking east

Sea Campion spreading over the ancient walls

Living on an island we utilise renerwable energy as there is no mains anything!

Scurvy Grass beginning to flower on Lighthouse Cliffs

Guillemot were the most conspicuous numbering thousands while Razorbill and Puffin hit hundreds.

What a difference a day makes! 0 - 300+ Razorbills over night!

These Kittiwakes were having a 'gang rape' or assault at the very least

Brilliant visibility allowed some serious sea gazing while fair weather migration began with seeping Meadow Pipits heading north, 2 Skylark and my personal highlight of today – 7 Whooper Swan (see the awful record shot below).

They are in the centre!

A male Grey Wag continued the springy feel while 80 Dunlin, 8 Purple Sands and 2 Goldeneye helped rekindle winter. Other notable Farnes birds included 2 Rook over east along with singles of Robin, Dunnock and Blackbird flicking around the veg patch.

Funnily, and perhaps ironically enough today was equally about corpses with my morbidly obsessed mate Ciaran finding Curlew, Eider, Woodcock, Puffin, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Razorbill entrails with varying degrees of completeness and rot.

Tonight I may well run the moth trap however the largest moon in years might put pay to that! Until then I'll leave you a double-dub mainland view upto the moors, that are still snow covered. Dubbye.

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