Friday, 18 March 2011

Farne Fest 2011!

Today dawned sunny and still. Just as well as today we sail aaarr! It was a right mish, but many hands and all that so we made quick work of loading, unloading, moving and subdividing 6 months worth of ‘stuff’!

Calm sunny conditions allowed a good amount of birding once we had sorted our luggage with an initial walk around Inner Farne simply blowing my mind.

Spectacular scenery combined with birds everywhere made for a brilliant first afternoon. Shags are already on nests, a few Kittiwake was calling charismatically from their cliff face stanchions and Eider, Guillemot and Gannet were everywhere. The latter were passing at 100 north per 10 minutes.

Pele Tower - my home for the summer

Steely gave us a shout and we emerged to good views of Red-necked Grebe in the Kettle along with my first Puffin (of the year) seen in the evening while today Goldeneye total was 5, all female.

Besides seabird styles it was the calm before the storm birdwise beside the odd Pied Wag so we all just enjoyed our new surrounds including some stonking moon related antics:

All in all it twas an inspiring first day, being here is a real privilege and with views like these everyday will be epic!

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  1. Hi it all looks wonderful, and sounds like there are plenty of birds to look at already. Only a taste ot what's to come I am sure.