Monday, 28 March 2011

Going Veggy

A building south easterly made today cold cold cold, espcially towards early eve. Swells are building and the possibility of being 'cut off' is most definately possible! 

Birding today didnt produce much new other than fly over Goldfinch, Skylark and Red-throated Diver (the former a 'farnes tick'). Lingering birds include Goldeneye, Sandwich Tern, Common Scoter. The ever present seabird, wader menagerie performed as well as ever bringing some ideal viewing.

More Lesser-common Rustic larvae have been found as well so I thought I'd check out some Farnes plants to get an idea of the sort of insects I can expect once it warms up, plus they look fraking cool.

Chickweed and Hemlock in the Courtyard

Plantago coronopus growing on dry places like clifftops

another plantain Plantago major

onto Buttercups..Ranunculus ficaria and repens

some Festuca (rubra I think)

The 3 Dock species - Rumex obtusifolius (L), crispus (R) and acetosa (Below)

And finally some beautiful vistas as a grey day melted into purple haze..

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