Thursday, 10 March 2011

An introduction

Hello! How’s it going? Welcome to my blog dub-birder. I am dub-birder, or Will Scott as some know me. So…this is ‘the first post’, dreaded and relished in equal measure!

Ok I’ll get into the meat. I am a birder born and bred, having grown up watching Fleet Pond and local area on the Hants/Surrey border with my dad Mick Scott. ‘The Pond’ was an incredible site considering its size and situation and made the observer I am today.

In early 2002 we moved to the Isles of Scilly where we have run a café Longstone Heritage Centre for the last 9 years. Of course living on Scilly is a breathtaking experience for anyone let alone a birder, and over the years I experienced many great birds, moths, butterflies and dragonflies not forgetting cetaceans!

My love for Scilly is equalled by one thing; my passion for ecology and conservation. Thus I must migrate from my island base to work within this critical field which is where you join me now.

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