Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Getting vismig with it

Another day dawned still and fair so the usual birding before breakfast was particularly enjoyable! New birds in included 3 Jackdaw, 3 Rook, Reed Bunting. While a slight passage of Meadow Pitpit, Linnet represented the vismig contingent.

On the subject of vismig (visual migration), after Whooper movements of late today it was Pink-footed Geese! 380 to be precise, moving through north in skein’s of around 50 – 70, sometimes low over the island!

'Pinkfeet - over our tower

The sea brought more treasures in Red forms. With Red-necked Grebe still present and Red-throated Diver passing offshore – though neither are particularly red at this time of year.
Today featured some invert interest as well as the prerequisite ornithological shizzle. After a few micro sightings this week its pleasing to have the ID as Agonopterix alstromeriana – a hemlock feeder (loads here) with 3 potted and another getting jiggy in the chapel earlier.

As well as the micro’s, macro (larger ish) moths were found. Well their larvae anyway! Found during boardwalk maintenance this Ghost Moth larvae showed well on the Chapel wall.

This evening all was quiet after many birds seemed to have moved on, including a lot of the auks that had assembled across the clifftops. Maybe they know something we don’t?! This fighter jet didn’t seem to perturb the few left anyway.

Until next time.

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