Friday, 11 March 2011

In Transit (Get your van out!)

Well I wish a van was at my disposal! I'm now in transit between Scilly and the Farnes with 9.5 hours worth of train journey tomorrow with uber baggage in tow so this evening is all about relaxing.

This morning however was more amble orientated with sautees round my garden producing Mistle Thrush (scarce on Scilly) and a similar outing to Porthmellon bagged the Common Scoter that has been present since yesterday. No pics of those unfortunately so I thought I'd stick a few more on from the last week or so on Scilly - what im leaving!

Sunshine at Porthloo

Dog Violets (I think) at Giants Castle

Sunset over Harrys Walls

And finally a big thankyou to RSPB Weymouth Wetlands! If it wasnt for the valuable experience I gained whilst volunteering with this great team I probably wouldn't be embarking on an amazing summers work on the Farnes. As a passionate birder there's nothing better than getting involved in their conservation and making a difference no matter how big or small. So if you're in Weymouth hit Radipole or Lodmoor up!
Here's a taste of my 4 month stint:

Long-billed Dowitcher and Green Sandpiper from North Hide on my first day! Terrible phonescoped effort.

Great White Egret by brilliant taffy camera bod Luke Phillips - we had brilliant views!

...and who could forget dear old hoody (Hooded Merganser)

For more info and sightings from these great reserves visit:

Ok I'm off up north so catch you on the flipside. Dub-birder.

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  1. That pic of the dowitcher is awful Will! Lol Everyone needs to go to my blog to see some proper pics of it!
    Hope everythings good on the Farnes.