Sunday, 29 September 2013

Steady Rollin'

The wind stays in the east, birds keep falling...and lingering! Here's a few pics from recent days..

Red-backed Shrike that lingered for a few days...

Monster numbers of Yellow-browed Warblers...

Promising conditions have failed to produce any BBRC birds, but this Rosefinch felt rare!!

 Wader passage easing gradually...

Whinchat action

Wheatear stonk!

 Turdus....nuff said

Lesser Whitethroats...

Classic skulking Garden Warbler.

Willow Warblers all over..

Goldcrests zipping about oblivious to anything

And the food for most of the passerines at the moment...SPIDERS!!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Inner Farne Lighthouse and migration!

So it continues...fog banks, mizzle and a strengthening ENE winds dropped huge numbers of birds today. With hangers on from yesterday such as 3 Yellow-browed Warbler still wowing while an additional 2 found today only spurred us on! However moment of the day was during a break in the weather when hundreds of Thrushes, Larks, Mipits, Yellow Wag ands this bad boy, a stonking Short-eared Owl dropped in:

The bird flew in from the west before circling for what seemed like an age, however poor light and general 'I wana look at this not photograph it' inhibited any decent shots...

The juvenile Crossbill siurvived the night, just, and was taken in to shelter after being picked up looking fairly knackered. Once dry and fed it was duly ringed and released and seems to have left as visibility improved this afternoon.

One of two Lesser Whitethroat about today, quality birds to see beside the seaside.

Farnes views of Willow Warbler, one of ten on the 'Inner Group' of the Farnes today.

As if the excitement of constant birds dropping wasnt enough, a stroll through some nettles saw a Red-backed Shrike jump out! Great autumn juv, my first autmun bird on the Farnes, and needless to say we grilled it for Brown...!

Always great to see Shrikes, and this one preformed impeccably once it dried off!

Brents were on the move todasy with 45 north, stonkers!

Bonxies getting together and heading north...

Pied Fly dropped in late afternoon and acted generally rare!

Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit combo on a clifftop, this is how we roll...

Finally, a lovely asutumnal shot of Redwing and Brambling, with over one 100 of the former and 13 of the latter, it felt like a proper autumn fall today...more please!!