Thursday, 20 October 2011


I’m fresh in from watching the Northern Waterthrush down to 10ft this evening so words will be brief and incoherent due to this overdose of stonk.

 I was going to say today’s highlight was the Treecreeper found just down from my house (at Carreg Dhu). This mega rare bird boasts only 11 or so (ish) records, so there’s been more than twice as many American waders this autumn alone than Treecreepers ever! But that pesky New World Warbler really has stolen the show...

Treecreeper - rare

Also in the gardens were some super obliging Firecrests (2-3) and Yellow-browed Warbler. Classic.

The ease in winds that brought our dear creeper also allowed plenty of thrush and finch action to get going overhead. With 40 Fieldfare, 40 Redwing, 3 Skylark 50 Siskin, 2 Redpoll and 60 Chaffinch (rough counts as cant be arsed to open notebook) along with notable increases in Goldcrest, Meadow Pipit and Chiffchaff while some Ravens are hanging around.


When the sun finally popped out mid afternoon I went searching for good insects as there’s been a good run recently..but alas none were found beyond some Silver Y, Rusty Dot Pearl and Diamond-backed Moth. So another look at the Yellow-browed and Firecrests at Carreg Dhu was in order:


Almost...but not

Again almost..but not

Classic views of this confiding YBW

News crackled through that the Waterthrush was showing ‘exceptionally’ well down at Lower Moors so I took the chance to catch up with mr crippler again. And OMG as they say in hyper camp American comdies. It. Showed. Well. Down to perhaps 10ft calling, flycatching, bobbing and generally gripping on site.

Just imagine putting your bins up to this..

You see that vegeation obscuring it? It was perching in that vegetation!

Streaky goodness

Whilst I was at Lower Moors I though I'd have a token look at the Wilson's Snipe:

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