Saturday, 20 August 2011

Feeling the burn

Inner Farne jetty with Longstone lighthouse (left) and the moon (right - obviously). Welcome to the Farnes.

What a couple of days! Bird passage might still be just getting started but the weather has been ideal. Sunshine and warmth dominated despite the (westerly) winds meaning we can enjoy wondering around seeing, well, not much!

A day off on The Brownsman in blistering heat was fantastic but migrantless, however this shot of a Fulmar really sums up how special the Farnes are:

Fulmar doing stuff

Back on Fairyland (Inner Farne) it’s once again been those long-legged Mcdaddy’s; the waders, that are dominating the daily routine of counting and recording with thing s like Whimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit and Common Sand now almost expected – which is nice!

Passerine passage as I have eluded to is weak currently but things are beginning to happen with 38 Swallow through yesterday while 53 passed over today. The most unexpected bird of today was a cheeky Goldcrest (our first this autumn) found by Bex in the Info Centre – one word. Random! Hopefully this is a prelude to good time ahead!

A beautiful but confused Goldcrest with Bex's foot for comparison.

Peacock butterflies have become conspicuous over the past few days.

And good night.

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