Tuesday, 3 April 2012

To the Ridiculous

Well here's post number two today. The antithesis to our doctorate of good weather. We knew it was going to hit. and it did! We woke to a stiff easterly with gusts pushing 70mph, windchill of -9 and driving rain/hail/snow blizzards. Hectic but amazing.

You can kinda see the snow (it got very heavy at times)

With conditions being so harsh I decided to go outside and absorb the offensive weather and do a little birding. Thrushes were noticeable along with Robins hiding in our Chapel/Info Centre. So I wondered upto the Lighthouse compound, the only sheltered spot on Inner Farne in this weather, strolled round a corner and bumped into a Great Grey Shrike at 'zero' feet. Crippled doesnt even begin to describe. No photos as it flushed, circled and disappeared never to be seen again. Damn! Tomorrow...maybe.

No Shrike, so here's a Shag.

Other birds include: Teal 36, Song Thrush 10, Blackbird 10, Robin 4, Chaffinch 1 plus the lingering Black Redstart. But enough words I'll let the photos do the talking: 

Looking Northeast.

Kittiwake, snow, seas combo.

Beautiful stormy marinus...

And more...

Snow and Puffins!

Someone making use of our Zodiac...

Some Teal, Shag and Eider sheltering in the 'sheltered' Kettle.

Which, as you can see, wasn't very sheltered...!

Staple Sound looking lumpy.

So what is in store tomorrow? 

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