Friday, 6 April 2012

Crazy Polaris

Classic Farnes...even the Song Thrush look rare!

Proof, if proof were needed that it snowed up this way...Snow-capped Cheviots.

Well I'm still here! The winds blew, snow stung and waves smashed but the islands and myself remain in surprisingly good shape! However the storm was so severe that not many new birds have arrived, more the hangers on (of Song Thrush, Blackbird and Robin) have hung on, as is their custome. While a Chaffinch muttled racist 'chink' remarks up at the Lighthouse, so we shut it up with grain. And a final highlight was a corking 2nd summer ish Med Gull on Knoxes, complete with Bloodied bill and black head.

Song Thrush bask..

Confused Blackbird...

Robin on a cliff face....

Racist Chaffinch.

A day off in Seahouses (to wash, wash,beer, wash etc) today produced my first singing Willow Warbler of the srping, always a welcome sound! And upon returning to Inner this evening have seen a Chiff (which dropped in mid-afternoon) is still knocking about in the still, serene polar opposite conditions. And with alittle east in the wind you never know...the first Farnes Willow Warbler may be just around the corner!

The calm conditions have also encouraged ALOT of auks back onto the cliffs which made the sail-around trip on route to home mega crippling:

Guillemots taking over!

Beautiful Kits

Amazing Cormorant display!

Fulmar magic!

And some more photos from the past day or two...

Garden Dart larva found while maintaining the boardwalks.

Evening sunlight Rock Pipit..


Male Pied Wagtail loving life.

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