Sunday, 8 April 2012

To Breed or not To Breed

Its cold, but don't think this Dandelion got the memo...

So winter, I mean, spring is upon us. Returning birds stand in a state of shock thinking...I left the central North Sea for this?! So I better show you some horny phenologically confused birds yes? Yes.

Puffins. Rampant. Standard.

Cormorants ludicrously horny.

Fulmars going S & M.

Eider getting wet.

Ringed Plover giving it the cold shoulder (literally).

Non-breeders remain thin on the ground since last weeks storm with a few Meadow Pipit moving along with the odd Redpoll and semi-resident Song Thrush and Robin. More interesting records include a stonking duo of Hooded Crow yesterday (which flew west, our 3rd this year!) while the 2nd summer Med Gull returned today showing pretty well as it displayed to Black-heads...the horn is contagious it seems. But will it follow through?

OVER. exposed

Med's are sick.

And a pic of some Purple Sandpiper as I've not featured these common but deceptively difficult to pin down down passage waders.


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