Thursday, 26 May 2011


It ha been another busy week on the best island since the Galapagos and as per usual I havn’t updated. Well here’s one in on and around your facial space.

On Monday the great storm of 2011 hit the Farnes with gust easily blowing myself, other wardens and unfortunately several nests over and away. However despite the ferocity our tides are fairly small, meaning that mainly spray not waves crashed over our stacked cliffs.

Since the storm subsided the breeders have carried on with dogged determination while migrant species have been almost absent….til today!

 This morning saw us complete a new concrete walkway to ease congestion around the jetty’s resulting in my monitoring work being undertaken after our visitors had departed this evening. Whilst on Eider ‘4’ Ciaran crackled over the radio shouting Red-breasted Flycatcher Brownsman! We steamed over in big sea’s and after an anxious search (with good views of Lesser Whitethroat) this cheeky ficedula gave great views in the veg patch alongside a ‘Common’ Whitethroat.

What will be here tomorrow?

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