Monday, 23 May 2011

Climatological flatulance

So as things get busier and busier the posts get sparser and sparser! In a nutshell the last week or so has been dominated by the breeding birds as their numbers continues to build up giving some great experiences – like walking out your house to 200 Arctic Terns at your feet (and head)!

Migrant birds are slim on the ground however the arrival of Roseate Terns and the odd Little Gull, have been nice additions to the ma-hoosive tern roosts.

The undoubted highlight was a lovely Honey Buzzard that passed west over the Inner Group while a Wall butterfly was my insect highlight.

Now breeding birds are down and settled, monitoring can resume. This includes ringing birds as well as surveying nests etc. So in this vein I was privileged enough to get involved with some of this to which I owe Chris many thanks.

Anyways with winds of 70mph hitting us this afternoon I’m off to watch the spectacle.  

Barnacle Goose and Farnes backdrop

Eiders away!

Common Tern

Garden Tiger


View from the front door

Arcitc - Brownsman combo

Mine and Becks' kickbox for a cheeky Arctic Tern

Sad Guillemots parents looking at their drowned egg

Arctic Tern nest-scrape and egg

Wall butterfly

Just wait til you see the storm pics from today!

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