Sunday, 29 March 2015

Starters, Moons and Desert

So, starters - Black Redstarters that is. Crippling firestarters!! Some biting, or maybe more chewing easterlies stung across the islands last week, or the er week before, bringing some poor premature insectivores to Scilly where besides some nice passage Black Redstarts, a few Wheatear, Willow Warbler and Sand Martin were to be knobbed.

 Chat-tastic! Chat on that! Lets have a chat!!

 Don't have a clue how I got this photo, but somewhere this Willow obliged like a dog on heat

An afternoon jaunt down Porthellick Down where I often like to casually frown found this bewildering sight of a Hummingbird Hawk getting pumped off Lichen.

 Oh yeah there's some Wheatear, THE. STONK.

Oh and now we're onto mains, I mean moons. The slightly cloudy conditions proved a perfect filter for some amateur attempts at documentation...

Now, in this trio the Desert is definitely my favorite course, mainly cos its a DESERT WHEATEAR blud! After the aforementioned flurry of birds the weather turned pretty darn nippers so any hopes of new arrivals were low. However the discovery of this sedimentary cortex reverser on Agnes filled us all with the horn of spring! It did what Deserts do best, grovel and pounce nanometers from your nads. All day long. Even bursting into sub and then full song! What a sweet treat.

 What a location for a twitch....

So safe to say I didn't over do it on the Desert photos.

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