Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rose Tinted Spectacles

So.....after a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a mega rare yankie passerine, was discovered slutting all over feeders in Hugh Town yday I have been severely tense. It's weird on the Farnes, birds are so accessible and visible (if you live there!!) so a bird in gardens was extraordinarily frustrating to persue.

After promising myself I'd be there for first light I somehow managed to miss it leave the roost after dipping the day before...blast! However after a 6 hour vigil the news broke that I'd not seen the bird because it had taken a liking to a garden round the corner! A frantic rush remeniscent of bygone Octobers later and there it was, 10ft away, frantically feeding in the fading light. Thanks Joe for the kitchen access! Crippler times 2.

Worst photo ever? I've surely taken worse....and better! Will give it some time in the coming days so stay tuned people.

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