Saturday, 15 September 2012

All Worked Up

You know its westerly..the sea is far too calm for my liking!

Worked up over westerlies! That old tempestuous man still blows as and when he sees fit, which is mostly all of the time. Producing very little other than ornithological apathy. East east east please! Meanwhile the few birds that are here, of which there are a few, mainly Gannet, are getting pretty frenzied over huge bait fish (including ALOT of Herring). These huge bait balls of migrating Herring on their southward migration to do something or other have attracted feeding flocks of up to 3000 Gannet and 60 Sooty Shearwaters into Farnes waters. Screw migrants (not really I love em!), these are as good as it gets in terms of bird, no any natural history spectacle:


Most of the truly massive work-ups have been in deeper waters but a few smaller ones made it close inshore...
Wish I could do that.


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