Sunday, 26 August 2012

I've begun so I'll begin

Sooooooooo, deary me. Where to start? Oh my, oosh, wft etc. All I can say is too much has happened since my last posting to translate into my own formidable langauge so I sharn't botha..get it?

Just like any fall...aesthetic prefection amidst the chaos...

Anyway I digress immediately. Since early August I have been to Scilly and back again, seemingly timing my visits perfectly to intersect both the triplestonking brain spankers of Lesser Grey Shrike and Orache Moth...

After a semi-frantic stand off, this meaty bugger showed well!
Greener than green...Orache Moth
I headed back northward to the Farnes , arriving last night where the years first Pintail awaited. Then, as we have become surreally accustomed to this year on the Farnes, with the gentlest of NE pushes, the world fell out our arses! Or into our faces should I say...

A beauty of a find by the 'holy one', from our living room window! It detonated our iris regions completely and utterly, at 15ft range, in the sun.....Hashtag crippled!!
Ciaran's face says it all!
And the epic day continued with a quick trip to the mighty Brownsman turning up not 1, but 2 big fat Barred the hand! Your not so skulky now you little gobshites!

I have ALOT of other photos, news, bull and such from my Scillonian wanderings and my short time so far back on the Farnes so one for tomorrow I think. Chow!

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