Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Surmising the Conclusion of the Beginning

Irony be thy name, and yay evidence of excursions shall be provided in both quantity and quality. I have neither time or cerebral resources to write much more so here’s some pictures from the past few days…
If Carlsberg made dawn vistas...view from my bedroom window

Me and the above Iceland Gulls had a great time hanging by the sewage outflow, mmm lumpy.

Somr Snipe being Snipe.

Blue-winged Teal being totally ethologically inspiring.

Cheeky Iceland part-taking in rubbish today, not pooh.

Managed to stumble across the Dusky Warbler this afternoon up at Harrys Walls which showed cripplingly well for my eyes but not the camera (light, blah, slight breeze, ISO is enteering puberty and refusing to autoadjust blah)

Not bad place to spend winter..

Gem (male) - nice January record of this scarce continental migrant

Flycatching Starling over Old Town, something usually seen from March onwards
(it's January by the way)

Good night Vietnam.

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