Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unfair weather!

So the sunny settled and sometimes hot conditions continue here on planet farne allowing the awesome migrant action to pass right over our heads! Migrant birds tady consisted of the same birds in different, or should I say the same places! While summery weather has brought some of our breeders closer to climax.

And when I say breeders, I mean the kits, or Kittiwakes. Today the first eggs were discovered meaning that bar the odd tern/wader species we have a full compliment of occupied nests! Now lets have some rain and a fall.

With migrants birds on the back-burner butterflies once again dominated in the form a 2 Red Admiral and 4 Small Tortoiseshell and surely another species any day now?!?

Besides hardcore birding our life as wardens is begining to hot up with our monitoring plots currently being established giving us an oppurtunity to see how our birds are doing, here's hoping for more calm weather and high productivity!

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