Saturday, 6 October 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Dove)

Oh you can tell its autumn, frequency of blogging is increasing, it is polynomial in nature, but definitely positively correlates with the number of birds and/or encounters with birds that are occurring. As is my boner. Especially when you get the privilege of Turtle Dove in the hand!

The bird has spent alot of time looking worrying sedate, digesting? or just dying?

So the Turtle Dove that has been present for the last 12 days, aimlessly pecking random detritus has raised suspicions that it may be abit screwed, either mentally or physically. Basically mentally it might not have the urge to migrate, or, its urge might be to go in totally the wrong (generally opposite direction - a phenomenon called reverse migration. So to settle this discussion, and decide whether we need to be feeding this little bugger up we successfully caught and ringed it. STONK STONK.

What a beauty! Everything points to this bird being a bright 1st winter, possessing both juv and adult mantle/scapular feathers plus highly fringed flight bits. Feast on that!
Elsewhere our erstwhile floater remained faithful to its tidally dictated feeding circuit, giving more great views.

Grey Phalarope perspective, with Brownsman and Longstone in the background.
Classic Phal-stance.
A lovely calidris maritima..Purple Sandpiper.
Checking something out.....
And a token Curlew shot as they are pretty buff.
Speaking of buff, looks like Scilly is hitting back on Fair Isles/Ireland, common boys! There in 4 days, please hang on!

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