Monday, 15 October 2012

Scilly Me


Hello Scilly! Oh wait I'm not Robin Williams, and this is not a test! So, back to reality, or rareality as I like to think of this time of year! So I've ventured southward back to Scilly for an obligatory weeks worth of sun, friends and rares! Can't really be bothered to explain, describe, infer and extrapolate what has been seen or done so I'll let the pictures do the talking:
Red Underwing on my house.
Dotterel at c.10ft at Penninis
Snow Bunting Penninis
Coal Tits Byrher (Prob both Hibernicus, especially the top one, cheeky yellow bugger!)
Solitary Sandpiper Bryher
The dung/hay pile where the Solitary lived for 3 days.
Spoonbill nr Samson
Richard's Pipit Carn Friars
American Golden Plover Porthellick Beach
Its in there somewhere! Rose-coloured Starling Porthellick
Wryneck Porth Minnick
Oooh common is nice too, a lovely Stonechat on the Garrison
And more lep action..Hummingbird Hawk Moth Carreg Dhu
Had the light not been aweful and bird mega elusive I may have got some pics of the Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler thing at the Dump Clump!

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