Monday, 31 October 2011

Walking on Water

Yes that’s right – I can walk on water! Well actually ground so saturated with rainfall that proportionately it is water not soil. Said rain, that has dominated Scilly yesterday and today stopped the 2 Yellow-browed Warblers and Common Whitethroat that were down at Lower Moors from going anywhere, and the 16 Chiffchaff in the are seemed to agree.

Spot the Yellow-browed Warbler

Where's the Whitethroat? Answers on postcard.

Migrant numbers in the traps were down (along with resident numbers) due to a breezy night although Rusty Dot Pearl and White-speck both hit double figures and single of Rush Veneer and Delicate indicate some alright stuff’s still about.

Garden rounds produced very little today in the deteriorating conditions so I wont dwell. As the rain increased this afternoon I took the opportunity to get some report work done but mid-afternoon a Scaup that had been on St. Agnes in the morning turned up on Porthellick. So I walked upstairs and looked down the scope, and…there it was. Garden tick! Now I know it’s not all about ‘ticks’ but if it’s there you’d be stupid not to bag it.

For good measure we popped down the pool to have a closer look. Suffice to say it’s Halloween monster! If you’re familiar with a duck called an Eider, imagine a male Eider in eclipse (or google it) and you’ll get an idea of this thing looked like!

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