Monday, 26 August 2013

Long Time. No Beak.

Well then. Been a while hasn't it? You're looking good. This long hot summer's done wonders for your complexion. And WHAT and long hot summer it has been. Birds and insects abounding like some steamy porno that you are both disgusted and fascinated by. Basically I have a million excuses for not updating this thing. Lack of a laptop has been a big part, but the shear hecticness that this summer has provided is almost as insane as the wildlife!

There is too much to write about so I thought I'd hit you in the optic nerve with a pictory of delight. Alas some birds like the Black and Red Kites and (Fea's...booo mist fail) lack photos but I think you'll get the jist, or just jizz.

Sexier than a floatilla of boobships. Bridled Tern; it's like the first time every. single. time.

Sallow Kitten. Amazing first Farnes record that tipified what has been an Lepidopterists wet-dream of a summer.

Guillemot jumpling commiting reverse suicide.

Tell you what these are nice birds.

Barred Straw. Bonny.

Ringlet. Check out those dirty rings.

Immature Puffin, probably around 3 years old. Having a peak with its dirty great smudgey face.

Nostalgia trip. Its autumn, rares are causing mass panic and grip. Lest we forget the elixir of breeding birds that intoxicated us this summer.

PUFFINS! 39,962....
Common is crippling. Burnished Brass making me think rude thoughts.

Plain Golden Y. Y? Not plain at all...!

I want the reflected photons from this bird in my face at all tims pleas.

Double Dart, moth'ers moth. Sublty stunning and butch!

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet. 2nd Farnes records, closely followed by the 3rd two weeks later.

Storm Petrel. Best. Seabird. EVER!

Two Whites, one thistle. Insect porn.

Thousands of White spp. invaded the Farnes during July/August. Mainly involving Small then later Large Whites. Incredible sight. Mid-summer snow.

The ever cryptic Wall Brown demonstrating its camouflage much akin to Speckled Wood.

Black-tailed Godwits on the move. 2013 has been the best year ever for these long-legged pastel munchers.

Much Lep-porn. Not offensive.

Wader passage on the Farnes has been mental! Sanderling mega-well represented also. Great all round year this one!

Bridled Roseate combo. Piss on my face!!

Just look at it. Makes me weak at the knees each and every time.

Not technically good. But one of my favourate Bridled photos, mainly cos thats my house in the background!

Oblique Carpet. Oblique on my chest! Hair curler.

Black-tailed Godwit/Cow combo. Newton repping hard as usual.

Pectoral Sand/Yellow Wag combo. Real butt clenchingly distan views of this nugget.

Small Heath, first I have seen in a long time! Made a 6mile dune stomp more than worth while!

Migrant Hawker posing nicely for the generic 'hanging up' pic.

So now I'm back on Scilly for a short while recharging after all the excitement that has bordered many timed on the rediculous. Already jammed some nice birds and insects. Another post tom follow very shortly. I promise. No really.

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