Friday, 6 January 2012

As cold as Ice

Ironically today was rather warm and muggy thanks to a lovely warm front and drop in the pesky NW wind. Just as well as my morning was spent getting active brush-cutting down near Morning Point on the Garrison as part of my voluntary effort with the I.O.S. Wildlife Trust. Maybe I’m a twisted sick freak but I love brush-cutting and other practical conservation work; it’s just brilliant – hard work but so rewarding.

Just another day at the office....

Anyway reward duly arrived when I was removing the cut material and noticed that an adult Iceland Gull was feeding at the sewage outflow below with a load of shifty Larus types. Luckily I had my bins and phone nearby so took some dodgy handheld shots while Jim was telling me how he’d seen it and tried shouting me, but I was far too absorbed in brush-cutting, thinking and listening simultaneously is pretty difficult.

I have an unhealthy obsession with adult ‘white-winged’ gulls and this adult Iceland with its ice cold back and white tips caused eyeball haemorrhaging on site. What a stonker.

An afternoon sauté to Porthloo found  1st and 2nd winter Icelands feeding in the surf with 4 Common Gull and more sketchy Larus types.

This 1st winter (overexposed) was chilling, loving life.

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