Friday, 1 November 2013

Bonafied Stunner!

The west! Yankie doodle gulls dip feeding til my eyes fall out. The yank concerned was and presumably still is (lest all those Elvis burgers have caught up with it) a stonking adult winter Bonaparte's Gull that appeared on the opposing part of the mainland after a monster Atlantic depression swept through a few days ago. In this time it has titillated us with sightings everywhere in our vicintiy without any Bona-connection.

Today it all changed though! Hight tide saw feeding gulls gauging themselves on the frothing shores like desperate rabies infested hookers on crack dressed in mental Halloween outfits. A cursory scan of said gulls revealed nowt of interest, while a second scan revealed the unmistakeable shimmer of a cold-coloured small gull take dutifully opened its wings just long enough for those persil unders to be revealed allowing me to  loose all control from the shoulder down resulted in much fist pumping, caterwauling and groaning all before I'd even got that yank induced boner...

And what a stunner! The clean plumage tones offset by those pastel Salmon pink legs is just divine! But anyway I'll cut the Bake off crap. Wrinkly dicks.

The bird performed spectacularly allowing some greats views as it fed in the Bridled Tern's footsteps...r should that be wing beats?! Anyway plenty more to throw at your faces but this laptop is circuitrally retarded so the the the that's all folks! Til next time. Stick a Bona in it....

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