Thursday, 17 October 2013

Small but mighty!

The fall is still reverberating around my brain. Emotions barely back to relative normality. So time for Brownsman! And some canny leftovers from said migration event. The leftovers in questions are more of a michelin star main - super mini and exotic! I am, of course, talking about Little Buntings. With the two currently residing on Brownsamn being my third and fourth on the Farnes this year! Increadible, especially when you stack them on top of Yellow-breasted, Black-headed, Snow and Lapland! The year of the bunting.

Bird 2 showed very well1

Bird 1 was equally showy, though picked inconvenient times, ie those where no lens was clutched between my nimble fingers, to show at its best!

Little Bunting's are so sick!! You need ginger on site.

Plus some more stuff hanging about.....

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