Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Olly! Olly! Olly! Oi! Oi! Oi!

So the severe bird withdrawal had set in. And temptation loomed near. So we went and saw a grand grey nugget of glorious Olivaceous tendencies! For the confused among you I am, of course, talking about the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler in Fife, a relatively short drive away.

So we headed out in standard Farnes style: Zod then car. Beers and banter, upto Kilminning where upon being shown the birds favourate bushes by a helpful local, it showed brilliantly allowing me to get some hurried record shots inbetween prolonged bins grip sessions.

What a bird to see on a cold November afternoon!
From there we just couldn't handle any more passeriformes action due to chronic monster fatigue syndrome so went and saw some birds almos as big as an Olivaceous Warbler:

Some Whoopers produced a quality emergency stop while leaving the Olly site.
Loching good...haha..oh dear. Loch Leven and some geese.

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