Saturday, 17 November 2012

Duck and Cover

Corr blimey. Chuffing ruddy duck cold up here! My stinit on Brownsman has ended and Im back on 'the patch' Inner Farne. It was so good out there! Living with Seals for me is one of the highlights of my year. Being a lifelong birder I've experienced many a close, awe-inspiring and giblet rotting encounter with ball busting rares as well as canny common but none of those have the capacity to bit your giblets off! In testament to this here's some more big fat Farnes mammal action...just be thankful you cant smell 'em!

Back to birds. Yeah. Those fluffy feathered things that can fly! Speaking of flying, I saw one fly in the sea the other day. I heard it first, sounding like a Dunnock on helium. And picked it up zooming between Seals and Great-black Backs. Finally it perched, looking grey, still emtting that darned drugged up Dunnock call. Its a Chiff! Well possibly a Sibe Chiff I thought, then shouted! But alas once pinned the bird started calling a weird hybird Collybita x Tristis call that just didnt match any of the Bullfinch type calls I've previously heard. The plumage also, tho grey, was more dusky, especially on the underparts while paleness in the bill and feet had me sold on Abietinus or some other freaky continental. And I'm still waiting for it to make a decent coffee the rude sod.

Anyway if you have an opinion let me know. It acted so rare, and was simply joyous to watch a new/different bird for once! Damn SW winds. You've had your fun now please do the proverbial.

Other recent latest stop press sightings include Long-tailed Duck and Kestrel. I'll let RBA know, yeah?

Bonny Seaduck being rare!

Male Kestrel being greater.

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