Thursday, 21 June 2012

Such a beauty-o!!

Just like a football, no better, far far far better than any football or related boardgame...a Hobby! Falco subbuteo. The usual summer weather of torrential rain and strong easterly winds have continued, and have continued to favour us delivering this 6th for the Farnes at around 17:45 this evening when the war cry went up from 2400 Arctic Terns! A bird you dont see often in my westerly and northerly haunts so mega crippled..

Inner Farne lighthouse-Hobby combo...a rare sight indeed.

After initial flight views the clearly exhuasted bird took refuge on the Pele Tower where we had a sneeky peek before leaving it in peace to roost.

Typically Farnes esq views of this mighty little falcon...if only we had some dragonflies to feed it!

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