Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jumping Jillikers

Well. So. Now then. It's been a pleasant fews days here on planet Farne, well when I say pleasant what I actually mean is 3 days of sun wedged between what seems like an eternity of strong winds, big seas and rain!

More of these stunning sunsets please!

Of course at any other time of year these low pressure stonkers would be welcome, bringing us migrant and vagrant birds from the continent or, if we're really lucky, Siberia. But alas the migration of the days of yor has ground to a relative halt and our attention is firmly fixed on the breeding birds. Which we might have just a few of!

Hashtag Arctic Tern maaaaaate.

Kittiwake colony on the mighty Brownsman.

Puffins hanging out with their wangs out.

Being mid-June the breeding season is, and in some cases has peaked. With Guillemots the first to produce a major fledging event in the form of the awesome 'jumpling'! At 3 weeks old, and less than half adult size/weight these plucky little buggers fling themselves from the relatuive safety of our cliff-faces to be led out into the North Sea by their fathers where they'll mature and hopefully survive!

Young Guillemots taking the leap..good luck guys!!

Guillemot colonies are pretty awesome if alittle smelly.

Male birds with their jumplings.

But its not all about birds....just mostly! The Moth season in the north is late, short and sweet. And hasn't been helped by all this cool, wet and generally unsettled shite weather. So it's encouraging that some of the Farnes resident species are starting to emerge with things like Common Swift and Silver Ground Carpet (below) now present in ever increasing numbers.


And I'll leave you with a loely sunset sequence...bring on the summer!

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