Thursday, 16 February 2012

Avian Love

Belated post from Tuesday due to inexplicable laptop issues. Read on at your own risk!

So today is that day. You know. The one enforcing our commercial calender sitting nicely between Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter. Anyway regardless of the obligitory consumerism today is about love how and wherever you can get it! So with this in mind I spent brief periods of freedom in my 12 hour day out in the sun and checking the local talent two time. Avian talent that is.

The 'usual rounds' mid-work produced the Blue-winged Teal slagging it up on the scrape while a Cormorant's eternal battle with a monster Eel provided entertainment as it caught, dropped, caught, dropped (to infinity) the long slippery nugget.

Having steadied myself post 'Eel madness' the remainder of the stroll produced Kestrel, Black Redstart and Rock Pipit along with a Chiffchaff getting rare in the dune scrub.

And some more pics from recent days:

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