Thursday, 9 February 2012

Solar Radiation

While the mainland remains below freezing, and with some at least also remaining under snow or ice today Scilly was honoured by t-shirt weather! A real oxymoron of cold sharp warmth. Anyway obviously these glorious conditions had to be capitalised upon and these were the results:

Lower Moors was stunning.

and this Snipe put on a lovely if not slightly deluded show of being cryptic or invisible.

One of the Iceland Gulls was enjoying a steaming hot bowl of rubbish mmm. The presence of steam eludes to how warm it was in the sun!

Hugh Town was lovely but no sign of the Eider...

While up at Harrys Walls this Merlin unexpectedly dropped in gripping instantly!

Cumulatively all this sun-related niceness made for a distinctly early springish day. Here's some more (slightly more flappy) pictures from recent days that illustrate this point:

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