Friday, 26 April 2013

Rock Hard!

And so it came to be. Breaking news, faces and heads confused. Impulsive reactions driven mainly by adrenalin and un-tangeable urges saw us bombing south for a dream bird. Yes. Call me a dirty twitcher, but I challenge any birder to deny the uncompromising lure and amazement of exotic birds. For the thrill not the list!

Anyway, we bombed south, heavily doubting our chances of making it there in daylight we persevered with the lack of news for the last two hours before arrival producing some severe despair towards the site. BUT. We arrived. It was showing. We breathed a sigh of relief and began to absorb.

Distant. Stonk.

The light wasn't great, especially for the subtle rufous tones this hybrid chat dancing thrush was displaying and after a momentary disappearance a decidedly changed body language flex of an adjacent group saw running, panting and then, mega stonking triple face melting, inner-ear perforating views of this southern spanker. Major blocker, and subtle sublimer.

These photos taken in poor light dont even begin to describe the shear epithelial rotting properties of this bird!

Meanwhile on the Farnes...tune in tomorow! 

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