Thursday, 23 May 2013


 And yay the fog came, and it did drop birds, not many, but some. And so I flogged and flogged and flogged some-more. No birds. Bluethroat Brownsman...tits. Two Bluethroats Brownsman...double tits. Inner Farne held a Willow Warbler. And a very depressed me!

Brownsman in the fog, light winds and shite vis meant they scored.

Our only migrant...a northern type Willow...

Got my twitch and connected with the two charming Bluethroats, including a sweat-your-tits-off male with full blue-ness, sadly not pictured due to being too good to take my eyes off!

Heading back from Brownsman, where there had been birds dripping off every sodden Nettle clump, the visibility decreased and I had a theory that the Wide-opens, the most easterly spot of the Inner Group, may have cock-blocked Inner Farne's rares due to the lightness of the winds, so we anchored the boat, stepped onto the shingle and immediately saw this:

Last minute stonk! This cheeky chapess saved my day! What a beauty she is!

The fog thickened and after two days of squinting and general 'F#cking hell, Holy Island...' comments a quiet dawn round was shattering by a back scratching yellow giver that was a marvellous Wood Warbler, swallow meets warbler! Needless to say it showed well as it frantically lolloped about in the damp vegetation, clearly being fresh in...


 Other things that happened were Eider chicks and more fog! Funnily enough a little moth arrival coincided with said weather including 50+ Diamond-backed Moth, Cinnebar emerging and Common Carpet flitting in the sun...

 Its going mental outside! Updates tomorrow after these tasty NE winds have hit...

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