Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Niche off!

First off before I launch into my usual tirade of nonsensism a quick appeal:

The RSPB are once again running their campaign to collect Christmas stamps to raise money in aid of Albatross conservation. I won’t preach or rant but around 80,000 (plus MILLIONS of other Seabirds, Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Fish, Jellyfish etc etc etc) are killed each year by various intensive fishing activities such as Long-lining (and of course Trawling) and by the simple (and EASY) act of donating stamps you can help these flagship pelagic species – a Christmas present for future generations. (Note that humans massive demand for things like Tuna is to blame but I won’t rant or preach). Anyway please help and get involved. Much love.

Sprouting Fungi spp brings some colour to the Scillonian winter.

Bonjour! Hola! And Hello. The recent lack of blogish motions is demonstrative of the lack of birding, well lack of time really. As the ever shortening days bring us closer to Crimbo, the time spent birding dwindles. HOWEVER, sorry, however I have been out and about seeing very little in the continuing megawesterly blowjob. However there’s some fungi which are loving the dampish conditions at the end of this post to keep you visually stimulated.

More colourful sprouters -  for 'mature' Fungi action scroll down.

Birdwise the usual rares are in the usual places but I’ve been concentrating on trying to eek out some sheltered/secluded spots in the hope of Nearctic randomness and generally failing. Chiffchaff and Goldcrest are still apparent in any still niche while scalm beach corners are packed with Starling, Rock Pipit and Pied Wagtail. Such a spot in Old Town held Black Redstart, 2 Kingfisher and 4 Chaffinch today although wasn’t particularly sheltered.

Amazingly, despite the hardcore blusters some Lepidotera are still on the wing. Moth Traps are producing the odd White-speck while brief sunny spells brought out a single Red Admiral in the garden – possibly a recent arrival as the ever declining temperatures (and conditions in general eg sunlight length/intensity) and pollen availability mean they all should really be hibernating but it could just be a mentalist.

Finally get these Fungi pics into your cranium. I have no idea what species they are so any ID suggestions are welcome. Most were in my garden but I’ve seen duplicate specimens across St. Marys. Birds blow my mind, but so does all wildlife in all ‘Kingdoms’ as they are known (but you knew that – sorry).

Note the munchings on it - Presumably Rodent or Fly (larvae)?

Though it was a puff ball but it has since emerged and that is its 'head'.

Until next time.

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